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Chicken Wanton with Beef Fillet | 水煮抄手牛柳

Chicken Wanton with Beef Fillet | 水煮抄手牛柳


Chicken meat wonton, beef fillet, Sweet potato vermicelli, salt, potato starch, Spicy Element Hot and Sour sauce, green and red chili peppers, vegetable oil, cooking wine, Green Sichuan peppercorn oil


  1. Cut beef fillet into sliced, and then add cooking wine, salt, potato starch to the marinade;
  2. Add sweet potato vermicelli, and boil until cooked through, drain the vermicelli in a colander or mesh strainer and place them in a large bowl;
  3. Add water and cook Spicy Element Hot and Sour sauce and then add beef fillet until cook, and add Hot and Sour...

Beef Tendon Noodle Soup | 牛筋面

Beef Tendon Noodle Soup | 牛筋面

This Beef Tendon Noodle Soup is one of the traditional noodle soups in China. This style of noodle soup is mostly popular in Northern China and Northwestern China.  To create the thick and fragrant beef soup, many spices are used using the traditional method, including some spices uncommonly seen and used in other part of world. But thanks to the ready-to-use Shengchubao braised sauce, the process to create a delicious soup base becomes much easier, especially for those not in China.

Before you proceed with the following recipe, you need to be aware that to create your...

Sichuan Mala Beef Jerky | 四川麻辣牛肉干

Sichuan Mala Beef Jerky | 四川麻辣牛肉干


Sichuan Mala Beef Jerky



配料:特制白卤水3000 克( 八角、山奈、白蔻、小茴、甘草、白胡椒、老姜、干葱头、米酒、食盐)、食用油、白糖、干辣椒、白芝麻、青花椒粉、油辣子红油)