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Sichuan Cuisine Ingredients 麻辣元素 地道川菜调料
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Hot and Sour Sauce with Beef Rib | 酸辣牛仔排

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This cuisine tastes pretty amazingly delicious and the sauce is spicy and sour, which is appetizing. Also, you can add broccoli to layer the flavors. Foodie should not miss this juicy and tender beef with fresh broccoli cuisine! This cuisine is pretty easy, the key point is gravy and hot and sour sauce. Based on your preference to taste and adjust the flavor. You can use Spicy Element Hot and Sour Noodles Sauce depends on your preference to add rice vinegar.


Beef Rib, Salt, Broccoli, Rice Vinegar, Hot and Sour Sauce, gravy


  1. Put beef rib in boiling water for 2-3 mins and clean it up. After that, immerse beef rib in gravy and cook it with low heat until cook and then remove to a clean plate.
  2. Steam broccoli with hot water for 3-5 mins and remove from hot water and set aside.
  3. Pour hot and sour sauce on the top of beef rib and ready to serve.

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