Mapo Beef Tendon | 麻婆牛筋

This cuisine is not related to Mapo Tofu. We called Mapo Beef Tendon because we use Mapo Tofu Sauce as ingredient. Some people might ask “Can we use Mapo Tofu Sauce like this?” In fact, the essence of Sichuan cuisine is using ingredients you already have at home. Most of people who live in America are hard to find significant spices ( like peppercorn, star anise) to make this cuisine, so you can use Spicy Element Mapo Tofu Sauce to cook this authentic Mapo Beef Tendon. Mapo Tofu Sauce is very convenience, delicious and easy to use, not only can cook Mapo Tofu but also can cook many different cuisines.


Beef Tendon, Taro, green onion, Spicy Element Mapo Sauce, Salt, cooking wine, ginger


  1. Blanch beef tendon in the boiling water.
  2. Move beef tendon to wok and add water, salt, cooking wine, ginger and Spicy Element mapo tofu sauce to cook together with low heat.
  3. Use a steamer to steam taro and then peel taro off.
  4. Put taro and beef tendon together in the wok and cook around 10 minutes with high heat.
  5. Remove from the heat and sparkle green onion and ready to serve.

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