Beef Tendon Noodle Soup | 牛筋面

This Beef Tendon Noodle Soup is one of the traditional noodle soups in China. This style of noodle soup is mostly popular in Northern China and Northwestern China.  To create the thick and fragrant beef soup, many spices are used using the traditional method, including some spices uncommonly seen and used in other part of world. But thanks to the ready-to-use Shengchubao braised sauce, the process to create a delicious soup base becomes much easier, especially for those not in China.

Before you proceed with the following recipe, you need to be aware that to create your own beef noodle soup base is time-consuming (4-5 hour boiling soup, 30 min beef preparation, 10 min to cut beef tendon into slices, 10 min to cook noodles). But you won't regret it once you sit in front of the hot noodle soup.

Prepartion Time: 30 min

Cooking Time: 5 hour

Food Materials:

For Noodle Soup Base:

1. Beef Tendon 500g

2. Beef Bone (preferably Beef Shank Bone) 1000g

3. Chicken Bone (whole bone frame) 200g

4. Shengchubao Braised Chicken Sauce: 150g

5. Salt: 20g or to your preference


For Noodles:

5. Noodles: 200g

6. Cilantro Pieces: 5g


1. Simmer beef shank bones, chicken bones, beef tendon in a big pot of boiling water for 2-3 min and get rid of the foams on the top of water (mostly composed of blood)

2. Add 20g salt and 150g braised chicken sauce in the pot;

3. Use high heat with the pot for 5 hours (add water during the process when the soup is less than 2/3 of pot)

4. Turn off the heat and get out Beef Tendon in a bowl to cook down

5. Cut the beef tendorn into thin slices after it's cool or cut it into cubes

6. Use another pot to cook the noodles (add noodles into the boiling water, get the noodles out in a bowl after it's fully cooked - 1-10 minutes depending on what type of noodles)

7.  Put the beef tendon slices on top of the noodle bowl;

8. Add beef soup base from the pot to the noodle bowl, let the noodel fully indulged in the soup;

9. Spray the cilantro pieces on top of the noodle bowl 

You can also add chili oil for extra layer of taste as shown below.


Below is the brief video for your reference


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