Grilled Salmon Head | 时尚烤三文鱼头


Grilled salmon head uses Spicy Element Hot and Sour sauce and beer to marinate salmon head. Also, adding rice cakes, konjac and nameko mushroom to enhance flavor and pouring the soup on salmon, the taste is very amazing! 


Salmon head, green and red chili, rice cakes, konjac, nameko mushroom, sliced green onion, Spicy Element hot and sour sauce, beer, cooking wine, salt, cooking oil, vinegar, chopped ginger and garlic, toasted sesame seeds


  1. Clean salmon head up and marinate with salt and cooking wine;
  2. Deep fry the salmon head and set aside when it done;
  3. Add water in wok and add rice cakes, konjac and nameko mushroom to cook until it begins to boil and then drain them out;
  4. Put green onion sliced, rice cakes, konjac and nameko mushroom on the deep stainless steel baking pan;
  5. Add oil in wok and saute garlic and ginger and then add beer and Spicy Element hot and sour sauce;
  6. Put fried salmon head in wok and absorbed beer and hot and sour sauce and then move salmon into deep stainless steel baking pan;
  7. Green and red chili cut into pieces and saute them in wok;
  8. Pour green and red chili on salmon head and then sprinkle toasted sesame seeds and ready to serve.

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