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Double-cooked Meat | 回锅肉

Double-cooked Meat  | 回锅肉

Double-cooked Meat (回锅肉) is the No. 1 dish in Sichuan Cuisine because of its popularity. The dish literally cooked the meat twice with simmering in the boiling water before stir frying. Double-cooked Pork Belly

The most common used meat for the dish is the pork belly with skin(带皮五花肉). sometimes the pork ham with skin(带皮后腿肉) is used. The ideal cut of meat is to have the balance of lean meat (60%) and fat(40%). Combining with broad bean paste and other ingredients, the double-cook technique brings out the fragrant aroma and at the same time makes the dish less greasy...

Ants on tree | 蚂蚁上树

Ants on tree | 蚂蚁上树

Ants on tree(蚂蚁上树) is one special dish in Sichuan Cuisine. The dish has tiny morsels of pork clinging to noodles made of pea starch, mung bean starch or sweet potato starch, which looks like many ants are climbing on a tree.  It is usually spicy with broad bean paste and flakes of chopped chili pepper and a little bit numbing with Sichuan pepper. 

Preparation time: 25 min

Cook time: 10 min


1. Noodles from Pea Starch(豌豆粉条): 1/4 lb (the noodles can be made of Mung Bean Starch or Sweet Potato Starch)

2. Ground Pork(猪肉馅): 1/4 lb...

Sweet and Sour Spareribs - Sichuan style | 四川糖醋排骨

Sweet and Sour Spareribs - Sichuan style  | 四川糖醋排骨

Sweet and Sour Spareribs, just as the name reveals, is sweet from sugar and sour from rice vinegar with the unique aroma from the sesame oil and other ingredients, making the fried spare ribs taste very good

The Sweet and Sour taste (糖醋味) is one of many taste styles in Sichuan Cuisine. Although it is less famous than the Spicy and Numbing style (麻辣味), the Sweet and Sour taste has been widely used in many dishes of Sichuan Cuisine, such as sweet and sour fish, sweet and sour pork, sweet and sour ribs and etc.

Below is...