Double-cooked Meat | 回锅肉

Double-cooked Meat (回锅肉) is the No. 1 dish in Sichuan Cuisine because of its popularity. The dish literally cooked the meat twice with simmering in the boiling water before stir frying. Double-cooked Pork Belly

The most common used meat for the dish is the pork belly with skin(带皮五花肉). sometimes the pork ham with skin(带皮后腿肉) is used. The ideal cut of meat is to have the balance of lean meat (60%) and fat(40%). Combining with broad bean paste and other ingredients, the double-cook technique brings out the fragrant aroma and at the same time makes the dish less greasy (aka more healthy) and more enjoyable. Many vegetables can go with the dish such as leeks, green pepper and cabbage.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes (10 minute pork simmering, 5 minute stir fry)

Ingredients: (serve for 4 - 5 person)

1. Pork Belly with skin / Pork Ham with skin (60% lean meat and 40% fat) - 400g

2. Double-cooked Meat Sauce - 50g

3. Ginger slices - 10g

4. Sichuan Pepper - 3g

5. Leek or Cabbage  or Green Bell Pepper - 200g

6. Vegetable Oil - 50g


1. Simmer the meat and ginger slice in the boiling water for 7-8 minutes and then after refrigeration to firm the meat and cut the meat into very thin slice. 

Tip: the thinness of the slice is a key here for the success. Ideally it should be less than 3 mm; The simmering will get rid of a lot of grease from the pork but do not overcook it at this stage

2. Cut the vegetable (cabbage/ bell pepper / leek) into slices;

3. Add 50 g vegetable oil in a wok with high heat;

4. Add the pork slice in the wok and stir fry till the color changes to golden;

5. Add Sichuan Pepper and Double-cooked Meat Sauce in the wok and stir fry and mix well;

6. Add the slice of vegetables into the work and stir fry for 2-3 minutes;

7. Get out to a plat and ready to serve




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