Sichuan Steam Lamb with Glutinous Rice Flour (Fenzheng Rou) | 四川粉蒸羊肉

Sichuan steam lamb with glutinous rice flour (Fenzheng Rou) has a distinctive appearance because the glutinous rice flour should cover over lamb meat. Vermicelli noodle mix with Sichuan peppercorn, and broad bean chili paste and so on, the aroma of the Fenzheng Rou filled the room. This cuisine does not have any taste of gamey, mixes the lamb meat with Sichuan green peppercorns, Pixian chili paste and cilantro can add great flavor and complexity to a dish. Sichuan steam lamb with glutinous rice flour cuisine will have your mouth watering.


  1. Lamb 500g
  2. Cilantro10g
  3. Vermicelli noodle 600g
  4. Sweet fermented rice (Jiuniang)
  5. Ginger 10g
  6. Pixain broad bean paste 50g
  7. Cooking wine 20g
  8. Salt 3g
  9. Sichuan green peppercorn 5g
  10. Oil 10g
  11. Spicy Element Braised chicken sauce 50g


    1. Wash lamb meat and cut into slide;
    2. Mix vermicelli noodle, ginger and salt together, and then add Spicy Element Braised chicken sauce, Pixian Chili broad bean paste, cooking wine, oil and Sichuan green peppercorn together;
    3. Add lamb and vermicelli noodle in bamboo steamer with high heat about 45mins, and ready to serve, add cilantro just a sprinkle on top.

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