Mapo lamb | 麻婆羊腩

Mapo lamb is delicious but challenge cuisine to cook, the difficult point is getting rid of the taste of gamey, but still keeping the aromatic. The following recipe use garlic to reduce the gamey flavor, and add Sichuan green peppercorn, ginger, dried chili pepper, and Mapo Tofu sauce to stew lamb with lower heat.


Lamb Stew Meat 500g, potato 200g, lettuce 10g, sliced ginger 20g, mapo tofu sauce 100g, garlic 20g, salt 6g, oil 15g, dried chili pepper 50g, cooking wine 250g, Sichuan green peppercorn 15g (put in a teabag)


  1. Cut lamb meat into thin slices and clean them up, and then blanch them in a pot of boiled water, and set aside;
  2. Cut potato into cubes, stew them and set aside;
  3. Add oil, ginger, and dried chili pepper in the wok and stir fry until aromatic came out, and add water and Spicy Element Mapo Tofu sauce to stir fry a while, and then put Sichuan green peppercorn (filling in a teabag), garlic, lamb meat, and cooking wine with low heat to stew about 1 hour.
  4. Take out ginger, dried chili pepper, and ginger, and add potato to stew about 1 hour.
  5. Take out the Sichuan green peppercorn, lamb, and potato and then put lettuce to decorate the cuisine.

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