Cooking Sauce with Pangas Fish and Lamb Belly | 鱼羊鲜

This dish uses the Shengchubao Mapo tofu sauces with the stewed lamb and Pangas fish fillet combined with parsley and onion fragrance.

When fall is coming, it is time to eat traditional Chinese foods to warm you up. Most Chinese people consider that lamb is perfect dish for autumn and winter because lamb is warming food.  Shengchubao Mapo Tofu sauce is perfect for the fish and lamb belly dish to resist the cold weather in winter. 


Pangas fish, lamb belly, parsley, salt, oil, cooking wine, ginger, garlic, corn starch onion, mapo tofu sauce


  1. Chop Pangas fish into chunks and add salt, cooking wine, cornstarch to marinate.
  2. Cut and wash lamb belly and then blench lamb belly with boiling water,
  3. After blenching, use pepper towel to dry lamb belly.
  4. Put oil and ginger in wok until aroma and then add water, mapo tofu sauce, garlic, onion and lam belly to cook with low heat.
  5. Until lamb belly cooked, put Pangas fish and give a big stir fry to combine well and then sprinkle parsley on the top, ready to serve.

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