Hot and Sour Spareribs | 酸辣锅巴排骨

 Hot and Sour Spareribs | 酸辣猪小排

Preparation Time: 30 min

Cook Time:30 min

Food Material

1. Pork Spareribs: 400g

2. White Rice: 100g

3. Egg: 1


1. Hot and Sour Sauce: 60g

2. Ketchup (Tomato Sauce): 50g

3. Vegetable Oil: 100g to fry spareribs and rice pancake

4. Rice Wine: 20g

5. Rice Vinegar: 25g

6. Onion Slices: 20g

7. Ginger Slices: 10g

8. Salt: 10g or to your taste

9. Water: 600g

 Preparation Instructions:

For Fried Rice Pancake:

1. Cook white rice in a rice cooker to get soft cooked rice;

2. Get 100g fully-cooked rice in a bowl and add an egg white in it;

3. Smash the rice and fully mix with egg white and put in a small pan into the shape of pan cake. And then wait till it's dry.

4. Get the pancake out and fry it with vegetable oil in a fry pan on both side; 

5. Get the pancake out in a plate


For Spareribs

1. Wash the spareribs clean;

2. Add about 50g oil in a wok and then add tomato sauce and stir fry;

3. Add water, Hot and Sour Sauce, Rice Wine, Rice Vinegar, Onion Slices, Ginger Slice, salt in a wok with high heat;

4. Add spareribs into the wok after it's boiled and then use medium heat till the spareribs is fully cooked;

5. Turn down to low heat to keep the wok boiling;

6. Turn off the heat once the wok is dried up;

7. Get the spareribs out on the top of fried pancake




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