Dry-Pot Chitlins | 干锅肥肠

Dry-Pot Chitlins (干锅肥肠) is a tasty dish with lots of spices to accompany the chitlins, which is popular in Sichuan Cuisine. If you are into chitlins, then this is a dish you must try. 


Preparation Time: 30 min (2 hour including the time to clean chitlins)

Cook Time: 30 minutes


1. Chitlins: 1000 g (about 2.2 lb)

2. Mala Pot Sauce: 120 g (7 oz). You can buy from spicyelement.com (https://www.spicyelement.com/collections/sichuan-cuisine/products/mala-pot-sauce)

3. Vegetable Oil: 200g 

4. Chili Pepper or Bell Pepper (Red or Green), chopped: 300g

5. Ginger, Sliced : 50g

6. Garlic,Peeled: 50g

7. Scallion, Minced: 20g


1. Clean the chitlins completely and cut them into 1-inch-long pieces. (tip: use salt or flour to rub the chitlins, then wash it)

2. Put chitlins in a deep fryer with vegetable oil to fry till the color changes to golden brown. Get chitlines out and drain;

3. Put200g vegetable oil in a wok with low heat and add slices ginger and peeled garlic;

4. Add Mala-Pot Sauce in the work and stir fry till it becomes fragrant;

5. Put the fried chitlins into the work and stir fry till it's fully mixed;

6. Add the chopped bell peppers into the work and stir fry for 2- 3 minutes;

7. Get out to a plate and dry-pot chitlins is ready to serve

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