Beef with Chili Oil | 水煮牛肉

This dish is a variation of Beef poached with chili oil, which features the best beef tenderloins with chili peppers, bean sprouts and the Mala Pot sauce from The use of Mala Pot Sauce makes the whole process much easier, especially when you do not have any Sichuan Pepper, while keeping the original mala taste of Sichuan cuisine.

Preparation Time: 30 min

Cooking Time: 10 min


1. Beef Tenderloin - 500g

2. Bean Sprount - 200g

3. Eddoes - 200g

3. Mala Pot Sauce - 100g

4. Rice Wine - 20g

5. Starch - 25g

6. Grounded Garlic - 10g

7. White Sesame - 5g

8. Vegetable Oil - 100g

9. Green Scallions pieces - 5g

10. Cilantro 10g 

11. Crushed Ginger 10g

12. Dried Chili Peppers 30g



1. Cut the beef tenderloin into thin slices and marinate with salt, rice wine, and crushed ginger for about 1 hour. Then add the starch and mix well with beef slices 

2. Clean the eddoes and fully cooked with boiling water and then get skinned. Then put in a big bowl;

3. Add about water and mala pot sauce in a wok with low heat;

4. Simmer bean sprouts in the wok after the water is boiling and then put bean sprouts in the big bowl with cooked eddoes;

5. Simmer beef slices in the wok one by one and pour the soup and beef into the bowl after they are fully cooked;

6. Put vegetable oil in another wok with high heat and stir fry dried chili pepper and white sesame;

7. Then pour the oil on top of beef and then add green scallion pieces and/or cilantro pieces on top of everything.

Beef with Chili Oil



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