Beef Poached with Chili Oil | 水煮牛肉

Beef Poached with Chili Oil (水煮牛肉) is a common dish in Sichuan Cuisine, which features vivid red chili oil and chili powder.

Preparation Time: 30 min

Cook Time: 15 min


1. Beef - 1 lb

2. Vegetable (Celary or othr green leaf vegetable): 3.5 oz

3. Vegetable Oil: 3.5 oz

4. Rice wine: 0.5 oz

5. Soy Sauce: 0.2 oz

6. Chili Broad Bean Paste: 0.9 oz

7. Chili Powder: 1.8oz

8. Dried Sichuan Pepper: 0.2 oz

9. Chopped Scallion: 0.2 oz

10. Sliced Ginger: 0.2 oz

11. Peeled Garlic: 0.4 oz

12. Corn Starch: 0.3oz

13. Salt: to your preference


1. Cut the beef into thin slices and marinate with rice wine, corn starch, and salt;

2. Vegetable cut into pieces and put in the bottom of big bowl

3. Add about 1.5 oz vegetable oil into wok with high heat. After the temp reaches about 300F, add sichuan peppers, garlic, sliced ginger, chili broad bean paste and stir fry for 1 min

4. Add a cup of water in the wok and after it's boiling add the beef slices in the wok

5. Pour the mix from the wok into the bowl right after the beef changes color

6. Spray the chili powder on top of bowl;

7. Put 2 oz vegetable in another wok with high heat till the temp reaches about 300F

8. Pour the heated oil on top of chili powder and then it's ready to serve

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