Cui Shao Noodles | 脆绍面 – Spicy Element
Sichuan Cuisine Ingredients 麻辣元素 地道川菜调料
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Cui Shao Noodles | 脆绍面

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This cuisine made with ground beef and Spicy Element Mapo Tofu Sauce. We seasoned the plain noodles with sesame oil, ginger, Baoning vinegar, and Spicy Element Hot and Sour Noodle Sauce. If you never tasted it, follow our steps to make one for your self.


Plain Noodles, Ground Beef, Hot and Sour Sauce, Mapo Tofu Sauce, Green Onion, Cooking Wine, Oil, Sesame Oil, Ginger, Baoning Vinegar


  1. Get a wok and heat up around 2 tablespoons of oil and add garlic, ginger and ground beef to fry until dry. Add Spicy Element Mapo Tofu Sauce to stir fry. Transfer out from wok and set aside.
  2. Add Spicy Element Hot and Sour Sauce, Baoning vinegar, sesame oil, and noodle soup in a bow.
  3. Cook plain noodles for 4-5 minutes and remove from heat. Place in a clean plate and pour Mapo Tofu Sauce on the top and sprinkle green onions, and it is done.


  1. When you fry ground beef, please fry with low heat.
  2. Plain noodles is the best for this recipe.


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