Two-Pepper Chicken | 双椒鸡

Two-Pepper Chicken (双椒鸡) is a salty stir-fry dish features green chili pepper and green Sichuan pepper with chicken. Two-pepper means chili peppers and Sichuan peppers. It belongs to one of the Sichuan cuisine branches called Jiang Hu Cuisine.  The dish is fiercely spicy and splendidly numbing and its strong aroma is a mix of aroma from green chili pepper and green Sichuan pepper.

Warning: if you have low tolerance of spiciness or not into the numbing effect of Sichuan Pepper, you'd better not try this dish. 

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes


1. Chicken  300g - could be bone-in or boneless chicken

2. Fresh Green Sichuan Pepper 100g

3. Fresh Green Chili Pepper: 100g

4. Dried Red Chili Pepper 30g

5. Peeled Garlic: 20g

6. Scallion pieces: 10g

7. Vegetable Oil: 150g

8. Chinese Rice Wine: 10g

9. Salt - 10 or to your taste

10. Soy Sauce 15g

11. Corn Starch 30g

12. Sliced Ginger: 10g

13. Sugar 3g


1. Chop the chicken into 2-cm cubes;

2. Marinate the chicken cubes with rice wine, soy sauce for 15 minutes

3. After marinating, mix corn starch with chicken cubes;

4. Add vegetable oil in a wok with high heat and add the chicken cube after the temperature reach 150c (about 300F); quickly stir fry till the chicken becomes brown;

5. Take the chicken cubes out and drain

6. Put 150g vegetable oil in a wok with medium heat and add Sliced Ginger, Peeled Garlic, Green Chili Pepper, Dried Chili Pepper and Green Sichuan Pepper and quickly stir fry till the aroma comes out

7. Add the chicken cubes, sugar and scallion pieces into the wok and quickly mix with peppers and turn off the heat

8. Get the chicken cubes and peppers into a plate and it's ready to serve


Tip: Green Sichuan Peppers could easily be overcooked.  So for beginners, it'd better be medium heat and quick when stir fry the peppers


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