Spareribs Soup with Winter Melon and Mung Beans | 冬瓜绿豆排骨汤

Spareribs Soup with Wintermelon and Mung Beans (冬瓜绿豆排骨汤) is a traditional Chinese dish widely enjoyed in Summer time as it's said to be one of the dishes helping your body cope with heat. Sometimes the soup is served as cold dish. 

There are some variations of this soup mainly on the ingredients. Below is the bare minimum combination of the ingredients for the recipe.  Other ingredients may be added into the soup such as sugar or seaweed .  


Preparation: Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 1 - 2 hour in low heat, over 4 hour in slow cooker, 30 minutes in pressure cooker


1. Spareribs 500g

2. Winter Melon 500g

3. Mung Beans100g

4. Scallion 20g

5. Ginger Slice: 20g

6. Salt - to your taste


1. Cut spareribs into 2-cm pieces and simmer in the boiling water for 2-3 minute and drain the rib pieces. If you prefer the soup less greasy, the simmering time could be longer to get rid of more fat as you like.

2. Peel the Wintermelon and cut into 3-cm cubes. 

3. Cut the Scallion into 2-3 cm long pieces.

4. Add about Mung Beans and 2000g water in a pot with high heat and change to low heat after the water is boiling and heat for 15 minutes till the water becomes green;

5.  Add the prepared spareribs pieces into the pot

6. Add Ginger slices and Scallion pieces in the pot

7. Keep the water boiling for about 1 hour with low heat

8. Add Wintermelon pieces in the pot and keep the soup boiling for 30 minutes

9. Add salt to your taste and the soup is ready to serve



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