Shrimp Meatball Congee with Brown Rice and Sweet Potato | 粗粮虾丸羹

Shrimp Meatball Congee with Brown Rice, Sweet Potato, Red Beans and Oats





配料:嫩豌豆50 克,红豆50 克,燕麦粒50 克、糙米50克、红薯100克

调料:食盐5 克、鸡油10 克、葱白15 克、胡椒粉少许





2、用糙大米、红薯切丁,小火熬制成粥,然后用搅拌器将熟粥的米粒和红薯丁打碎,调制成无米金汤500 克;








The congee is made of brown rice and sweet potato with green beans, red beans and oats, as well as shrimp meatballs while using chicken fat, salt and white peppers for added flavors.

Below is the receipe

Preparation Time: 30 min

Cooking Time: 2 hour


1. Shrimp: 300g

2. Green Beans: 50g

3. Red Beans: 50g

4. Oats: 50g

5. Brown Rice: 50g

6. Sweet Potato: 100g

7. Salt: 5g

8. Chicken Fat: 10g

9. Scallions (white part): 15g

10. White Peppers: 2g

11. Corn Starch: 30g

 Cooking Instructions:

1. Cut shelled shrimp into small pieces, then mixed with corn starch and water to make about 20 meat balls;

2. Cut sweet potato into small pieces, then with brown rice and water in a pot with low heat for about 1 - 2 hour to get Congee, then put the congee in a mixer to reduce the size of rice grain and sweet potato pieces;

3. Boil green beans, red beans and oats in another pot using high heat and get them out after fully cooked;

4. Put chicken fat in a wok and stir fry scallion pieces(white part) till the aroma comes out;

5. Add the congee and cooked green and red beans, oats and shrimp meat ball;

6. Add salt and white pepper and fully mixed with the congee in the wok. Turn off the heat and it's ready to serve


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