Ganguo Shrimp with Chinese vermicelli |干锅粉丝虾

Dry Pot Shrimp with Rich Noodles

Ganguo, also known as dried pot, is a representative of Sichuan dishes. Ganguo is famous for strong flavor. Ganguo in Chinese that means rather dries dish than soup dish. It is a tasty dish without any sauces or soups to enhance flavor. Basically it is mostly like hot pot ingredients, as long as it is edible, you can make Ganguo with those ingredients, such as Ganguo chicken, Ganguo pork, Ganguo duck tongue, Ganguo pork intestines.

Today’s recipe is a combination of shrimp, Chinese vermicelli, cabbage, vegetable, onion, and Spicy Element Mala Pot Sauce to make a dish named Ganguo Shrimp with Chinese vermicelli. This dish is characterized by the Chinese vermicelli can absorb oil to make up for the shrimp cannot absorb flavor. Also, we suggest you can put butter to enhance the flavor.

Ingredient: Shrimp, Chinese Vermicelli, Cabbage, Onion, Mala Pot Sauce, Butter, Chili chopped, Oil, Oyster Sauce, Ginger, Green Pepper Oil, Salt, Cooking Wine, Sliced Garlic.


  1. Cut cabbage and onion into sliced.
  2. Pick shrimp’s sand vein part out and wash carefully. Add salt, cooking wine and Starchy Flour to marinated.
  3. Pour oil into the wok and heat it up, then remove it for later.
  4. Soak Chinese Vermicelli into hot water until it became soft and then remove from hot water.
  5. Add Chinese Vermicelli, oyster sauce and cabbage mixed together.
  6. Put butter and sliced onion on the bottom of Ganguo.
  7. Pour oil in the wok and add ginger, sliced garlic, and chopped chili until the fragrance came out.
  8. Add cabbage, Chinese Vermicelli and Spicy Element Mala Pot Sauce to stir fry with high heat.
  9. Add oil and shrimp to stir fry and mixed together, and then pour into the Ganguo.

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