Steamed Pork Spareribs with Pumpkin |金鼎回锅酱蒸排


When you walk in the supermarket recently, I believe you notice Halloween is coming and pumpkins are everywhere. Most people buy pumpkin for carving pumpkin on Halloween. However, today we would like to teach you how to cook a delicious pumpkin cuisine and give you different way to eat pumpkin!

This dish called Double Cooked Meat Sauce with Steamed Pork Spareribs. We use orange pumpkin as a container and fill with pork spareribs and double cooked meat sauce and steam the pumpkin with high heat. The double cooked meat sauce and pumpkin are totally match. This is the best cuisine to celebrate Halloween. Chinese eating culture is really amazing, no matter Western holiday or Asian holiday, there always has a reason to have a big meal.

Ingredients: Pork spareribs, pumpkin, salt, cooking wine, Corn Starch, Double cooked meat sauce


  1. Cut pork spareribs into 3 cm.
  2. Add salt, cooking wine, double cook sauce and corn starch to marinate pork spareribs 30 mins.
  3. Cut out the pumpkin lid and remove the pumpkin seeds.
  4. Put pork spareribs in the pumpkin and steam the pumpkin with high heat around 50 min, serve hot!
  1. Do not use too big pumpkin to steam pork spareribs because it is hard to steam pork spareribs.
  2. Blanch pork spareribs in the boiling water in order to remove some of that bloody and gamey flavors
  3. Using Spicy Element Double Cook Meat Sauce

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