Chili oil | 辣椒油

Chili oil is necessary ingredient for lots of cuisines and also you can add chili oil with other ingredients such as sesame, fermented soybeans, peanuts, peppercorn powder and other spices to add flavors and aroma. The most important ingredient for chili oil is chili. Er Jing Tiao, Man Tiang Xing and Chao Tian Jiao are the most common and traditional chili used in Sichuan and Chongqing to increase spicy flavor of Chili Oil. Some mass production Chili Oil includes food additives such as flavor enhancer, monosodium glutamate (MSG) to enhance its taste and appearance. However, our authentic Shengchubao Dried Crushed Chili does not include food additives and MSG while adding sesame and peanuts.


  1. Shengchubao Dried Crushed Chili 500g
  2. Sesame seed 30g
  3. Boiled peanut 50g
  4. Soybean oil 800g
  5. Salt 10g


  1. Put dried crushed chili in a container and put aside
  2. Boiling soybean oil until 80ºF to 100ºF and then turn off the heat and add oil into dried crushed chili and stir it with a long stick
  3. Wait until aromatic come out and then add sesame and boiled peanuts, stir it. Cooling at room temperature and put into a container.


  1. Control temperature of cooking oil: except the quality of chili, temperature is a key point to make great chili oil. Professional chef can control oil to make the best and high quality chili oil. Since the dried crushed chili is in small pieces, the oil temperature should be lower compared to ordinary stir-fry dishes.
  2. Stir: when hot oil pour into crushed chili oil, stir the chili oil in order to distribute the heat more evenly prevent burning.
  3. Container: Wide mouse jar is better because it is easy to stir and chili oil can cool it down easily.

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