Baizai Chicken | 白宰鸡

 Baizai Chicken | 白宰鸡


Baizai Chicken is a famous dish in Leshan District of Sichuan. It is a cold dish features poached chicken nuggets (bone-in) mixed with spices, chili oil, sugar, salt and sesame oil. The dish has unique combination of spicy, numbing, tender and fresh tastes. Compared to many other dishes in Sichuan cuisine, this dish is relatively easy to prepare and thus widely popular in Sichuan cuisine restaurants and local homes.  

Preparation Time: 30 minutes. 

Cook Time: 1 - 2 hour

1. Cleaned whole chicken - about 500g

2. Scallion 50g  - chopped into 1-inch pieces

3. Chili-bean-paste-flavored sauce 30g

4. Chili oil 150g

5. Sichuan pepper powder 5g

6. 25g sugar 25g

7. Salt 5g

8. MSG 3g - you can skip MSG if you want

9. Sesame oil 10g

1. Put the whole chicken in a pot with plenty of water and poached the chicken with low heat till it's fully cooked.  The simmering process could be over 1 hour. You can shorten the cook time using a pressure cooker. With a pressure cooker, the cook time may only take 10-15 minutes once the steam comes out; 

2. Mix chili-bean-paste-flavored sauce, chili oil, Sichuan pepper powder, sugar, salt, MSG and sesame oil, to get the seasoning sauce

3. Take the chicken out from the pot and wait till the chicken becomes cool. Use a food hammer to pat the whole chicken to loosen the fibers of the chicken, and then chopped the whole chicken into nuggets(bone-in)

4. Transfer chicken nuggets (bone-in) to a platter with chopped scallion on it, and spray the seasoning sauce over the chicken.  

原料:土公鸡500克 葱丁50克 
调料:豆瓣卤汁30克 辣椒油150克 花椒粉5克 白糖25克 食盐5克 味精3克 芝麻油10克 制作: 



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