Vine Pepper Fish Slices 藤椒鱼

Vine Pepper Fish Slices is a Sichuan cuisine dish which has become very popular in the recent years. It features Vine Peppercorns (Vine Pepper), the special fresh green Sichuan Peppercorns renowned for its strong fragrance and tingley kick (numbing impact) on your tongue and lips. The strong fragrance of vine peppercorns has greatly added a special note to whatever food you have.


Below is the recipe for the Vine Peppercorn Fish Slices.  


Food Materials: 

Fish Slices 1 lb (no bones) - you can use fish fillets and cut into thin slices

Green Chili Peppers 4oz - Jalapeno would be good in US if you cannot have Er Jing Tiao.  Cut the chili peppers into small pieces;

Garlic 1oz - thin slices


(To be continued)



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