Spicy Steamed Pork Belly with Rice Flour | 香辣粉蒸肉

Spicy Steamed Pork Belly with Rice Flour (香辣粉蒸肉) is another very delicious dish features pork belly.  The dish needs to be served hot and steamy. With long enough steaming, the pork belly will become very soft in texture, so soft that you do not even need to chew.


Because of the soft texture, this dish is very much enjoyable for seniors or young children or any one with tooth issues. Many bacon lovers are afraid of the excessive fat coming with of of the most delicious part of pork. With this dish,  the fat is steamed out from the meat and absorbed by the rice flour and vegetables if you choose to add vegetables in the dish. The most commonly used vegetables are pumpkin, sweet potato and potato. My favorite is the sweet potato.

It's relatively easy to cook this dish but rather time-consuming to prepare the food materials, especially you do not have right rice flour in hand. It would take about 30 minutes to get the rice flour if your have the right kind of rice.

Preparation Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 1 hour


1. Pork Belly with Skin 400g

2. Glutinous Rice 100g

3. Vegetable Oil 10g

4. Ground Chili Pepper 10g

5. Ground Sichuan Pepper 2g

6. Ground Ginger 5g

7. Ground White Pepper 2g

8. Sweet Potato 250g

9. Scallions: 10g


1. Put the Glutinous Rice in a wok with low heat till its color becomes light brown. Put the roasted rice in the grinder and grind to rice flour. Tip: do not over ground the rice;

2. Cut the Pork Belly with Skin into 5 cm-long, 3 mm-think slices;

3. Mix with Rice Flour with Ground Chili Pepper, Ground Sichuan Pepper, Ground White Pepper; Then add the Pork Belly Slice into the Mix together with the 10g vegetable oil;

4. Peel the sweet potato and cut them into 4cm cubes;

5. Put the sweet potato cubes in a big bowl;

6. Put the Pork Belly / Rice Flour Mix on top of the sweet potato cubes;

7. Put the bowl in a steamer and steam for about 1 hour;

8. Cut the scallions into small pieces;

9. Get the bowl out and scatte the scallion pieces on top and ready to serve


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