Pickled Radish with Beets and Peppers | 胭脂萝卜

Pickled Radish

Sichuan Pickles is famous appetizer in the world, different pickles have different soaking time for 10 years or less than one day. Speaking of Sichuan Pickles, there is one common feature is to stimulate your appetite for good food. A lot of people have too greasy during Thanksgiving break, so we present this secret recipe for you. Having some Sichuan Pickles to get rid of the greasy feeling.

Radish and Chili Pepper (Chao Tian Jiao) are kept in the brined about 36 hours and use beetroot to color radish and enhance sour and spicy flavor from chili pepper. This is an authentic Sichuan cuisine. You can have this dish with rice and vegetable side dish. 


  • Radish 1000g
  • Beetroot (Beets) 20g
  • Pickled chili pepper with water 200g (you can get from Chinese grocery store)
  • Salt 150g
  • Water 1500g
  • Sugar 30g
  • Ginger 30g
  • Garlic 30g
  • Sichuan Green Peppercorn 5g
  • Vinegar 50g


  1. Clean up daikon, and cut into 1 mm cubes.
  2. Wash beetroot and cut into slices and set aside.
  3. Pour water into a container and put salt, sugar, ginger and garlic into water. After that, add chili pepper, beetrot and daikon and mixed together.
  4. Seal and place container in the refrigerator for 38 hours.   

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