Noodle Soup with Fried Tomato & Egg

This noodle soup with fried tomato and egg, unlike many Sichuan cuisine dishes, is not spicy at all. But it is still rich of flavors from the bone soup, fried egg and tomato.  You can easily make this noodle soup at home.


Food Materials:

1. Chinese dry flour noodles

2. Bone Soup - prepare the soup in advance by boiling the pork bone and chicken racks with gingers, oinon slices and salt. First use high heat till the water is boiling in a pot and then add pork bones, chicken racks, onion, and salt.

3. Tomato Slices - cut tomato into slices

4. Egg - beat one or two egg with salt

5. Scallion pieces

6. Green Shanghai Cabbage 

7. Lard 



1. Add a tablespoon of lard into a wok with high heat and then add egg mixture into the wok after the aroma comes out. Fry it till the outside is crispy; Then add tomato slices into the wok and gently stir-fry it with the egg;

2. Add half a bowl of bone soup into a bowl;

3. Add green Shanghai cabbage into boiling water and then put it into the bowl after 1-2 minitues.

4. Add dry noodles into the boling water in a pot with high heat till it's soft and fully cooked. Get the noodles out into the bowl with bone soup;

5. Get the fried egg and tomato on the top of the noodles

6. Then spread scallion pieces on top the egg


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