How to make Sichuan Mala Dip Mix (Spicy and Numbing) 四川干碟蘸料

Sichuan Mala Dip Mix, 四川干碟蘸料,is a powder mix very common in Sichuan kitchens, dinner tables and / or Sichuan restaurants.  It has many usages in Sichuan cuisine. It could be used as meat rub for grill, BBQ or skewers. Mix it with meat, ribs and etc. as a way of marinate and it will add flavors.  It could be used a dip mix for hot pot. After you pick up the food from hot pot, simple dip in the powder mix before filling into your mouth. 


1. Dry Chili  500g - I use Facing-heaven Chili Pepper as I like its combination of heat and savor.  You can choose from Er Jing Tiao (less spicy), or Stars-in-the-sky (very spicy)

2. Peanuts 100g - dry peanuts

3. Soybean 100g - dry yellow soybeans, not fresh soybeans

4. Salt 80g

5. White Sesame 30g

6. Sichuan Peppercorns 20g - you can choose red Sichuan peppercorns or green Sichuan peppercorns

7. MSG 10g - skip MSG if you do not like it

8. Spices: Star Anise 4g Cinamon 4g Bay Leaf 4g


Preparation Steps:

1. Stir fry Peanuts in a wok with medium heat till the aroma comes out and get the peanuts out

2. Stir fry Soy beans in a wok with medium heat till the aroma comes out and get the soybeans out 

3. Stir fry the dry chili, Sichuan peppercorns salt and spices together in a wok with low heat, till the aroma comes out and the salt becomes brown

4. Mix the peanuts, soybeans, dry chili, Sichuan peppercorns, salt. MSG and spices fully,  and put into a grinder and grind into powder. 

The dip mix is ready.  



1. Stir fry peanuts. soybeans, and chili seperately to get the best result. Each of them may require different period of frying time to get the fragrance.

2. Do not add vegetable oil when stir-frying these ingredients

3. Do not add MSG when stir frying the chili

Below is the quick link to buy Sichuan Mala Dip Mix made by us.

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