Fried Peanuts | 炒花生米

Fried Peanuts is a very common dish in China and considered an appetizer and / or side dish. In Sichuan, it is often served with mix of chili pepper and Sichuan pepper powders, making it even more tasty.

Although the recipe seems quite easy, you need to practice many times to get it right,

Preparation Time: 5-10 minutes

Cook Time; 5 minute


Shelled Peanuts with skin: 250g

Vegetable Oil: 80g

Salt: to your taste


1. Put the vegetable oil in a wok with low heat till it's about 200F;

2. Add the peanuts in the wok and stir fry till it's fragrant;

3. Drain the peanuts out on a plate and mix with the salt

4. Wait the peanuts cool before serving;

Variations: besides salt, you can add sugar, or chili pepper powder, or other spices powder after the peanuts are fried.


1. Keep stir when frying the peanuts. Otherwise some may be over cooked and some are not fried enough

2. The peanuts won't be crisp till they cool down;


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