Chongqing Chili Pepper Chicken with Ice Cream

This dish is a creative adventure to combine Chongqing Chili Pepper Chicken with ice cream, which maximize the stimulus your taste buds could ever feel.

As you may already know, Chongqing Chili Chicken is famous for its heat from the fried dry chili peppers as well as the aromatic fried chicken cubes hidden in the pile of chili peppers. Combing with Sichuan Peppers, Chongqing Chili Chicken makes you sweat and swear at all the while you keep digging into the pile of chili peppers for the delicious chicken cubes.  With the creative approach to add ice cream in all the tastes you feel, it truly creates another layer of feelings for your taste buds and compliments the heat from chili peppers and the tingly sting of Sichuan peppers with the coldness and sweetness of ice cream.  

Preparation Time: 20 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes


1. Boneless Chicken Breast - 300g

2. Dried Red Chili Pepper - 100g

3. Vegetable Oil - 80g

4. Garlic - 50g

5. Ginger -50g

6. Sichuan Pepper - 10g

7. Soy Sauce - 10g

8. Scallions, White Part - 20g

9. Chinese Rice Wine - 10g

10. Salt - 20g



1. Cut the boneless Chicken into 2-cm cubes and marinate with salt, rice wine, soy sauce for about 20 minutes;

2. Cut the dried Chili Pepper into 2-cm strips and try to get rid of pepper seeds if possible;

3. Cut the peeled Garlic and Ginger into thin slices;

4. Add 50g Vegetable Oil into a wok and deep fry the chicken cubes in a wok with high heat for 2-3 minutes till it becomes golden; get out the Chicken Cubes;

5. Add 30g vegetable oil into a clean work with medium heat and add Ginger slice, Garlic slice, and Sichuan pepper. Fry till the aroma comes out. Then add Red Chili Pepper and stir fry for 1 minute

6. Add the fried Chicken Cubes and mix well with Red Chili Pepper, Garlic, Ginger and Sichuan Pepper;

7. Get the chicken and peppers out to a serving plate

8. Put a small bowl of ice cream in the plate. Now it's ready to serve.


1. Don't over fry the chili pepper as it may destroy its natural aroma. The stir-fry of ginger, garlic, Sichuan pepper and chili pepper is supposed to bring out the natural aroma while keeping natural colors of these ingredients. If the chili pepper turns black, it's definitely overcooked;

2 Marinate the chicken long enough to improve the salty taste and texture. Do not use any starch on the chicken;



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