Braised Beef Noodle | 红烧牛肉面 – Spicy Element
Sichuan Cuisine Ingredients 麻辣元素 地道川菜调料
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Braised Beef Noodle 红烧牛肉面

home cooking recipe


Preparation instructions:

  1. Cut beef tenderloin into 3cm cubes
  2. Add 600g water, 100g braised beef sauce, 500g diced beef, 10g ginger, 20g scallion, in a pressure cooker and use high heat for about 30 min to get the beef stew soup ready;
  3. Put 100g noodle in a wok with boiling water for 10 min, and get the noodle out into a bowl;
  4. Add the beef stew soup in the bowl onto the noodle;
  5. Add cilantro, celery and chopped green onion according to your preference.

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