Spicy Hot Pot Soup Base 5X7 OZ 麻辣火鍋 – Spicy Element
Sichuan Cuisine Ingredients 麻辣元素 地道川菜调料
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Spicy Hot Pot Soup Base 5X7 OZ 麻辣火鍋

Spicy Hot Pot Soup Base 5X7 OZ 麻辣火鍋


Our hot pot soup base made from high quality peppercorn powder and chili pepper, and this concentrated soup base is a great soup base for hot pots. Also, this hot pot soup base save your time in the kitchen. If you like spicy hot hot, this soup base is the best choice!

Ingredients: Soybean Oil (from GMO soy bean), Broad bean paste (Chili pepper, Broad bean, salt, wheat flour), Red chili pepper, Ginger, Tempeh, Salt, Garlic, Sichuan pepper, Capsicum frutescent, Yeast Exact, Sugar, Spices, Rice Wine, Food Additives (glutamate disodium, Flavors, Disodium 5’ribonucleotide, Paprika red, Paprika oleoresin)

Allergen information: soybean, glutamate disodium, broad bean, wheat flour.

Cooking Instruction:

  1. Add 200g Hot Pot Soup Base and 1.2kg water in a pot;
  2. Heat the pot till it’s boiling and add meat and vegetables you want in the pot;
  3. When the food is fully cooked, it is ready to serve.

Recommended Usage: use 1.2kg water for every 200g Hot Pot Soup Base.


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