Sichuan Chili Powder |辣椒面 1lb – Spicy Element
Sichuan Cuisine Ingredients 麻辣元素 地道川菜调料
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Sichuan Chili Powder |辣椒面  1lb

Sichuan Chili Powder |辣椒面 1lb


Chili powder  is one of the key ingredients in Korean and Chinese cooking. We have three different variants products Facing Heaven Chili, Savory Spicy, and High Heat. Chili powder cannot be replaced with chili flakes or sauces from other cultures when cooking authentic Korean food. The color is bright red. This is a decent product if you are looking for more affordable red chili flakes.
Three flavor:
  • Facing Heaven Chili
  • Savory Spicy 
  • High Heat

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