Sichuan Xiaochi( Appetizers) |四川小吃 – Spicy Element
Sichuan Cuisine Ingredients 麻辣元素 地道川菜调料
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Sichuan Xiaochi( Appetizers) |四川小吃

Xiaochi (Chinese: 小吃, xiǎochī, lit "small eats") are an important category of Chinese food, commonly found in ethnically Chinese areas in mainland China, Taiwan and around the world. Xiaochi are substantial snacks, which could be eaten together or with more substantial dishes like the Spanish tapas or Levantine meze, or alone as a light meal or snack like the French goûter.
Xiaochi are not typically cooked in homes nor are they featured prominently on the menus of more formal restaurants . Instead, they are street food sold in markets at special stalls or small restaurants that specialize in a few or even just one xiaochi. Night markets are especially known for their specialty xiaochi food items. Here, xiaochi are either served as carry-out or sometimes at small tables with stools for seating.
Xiaochi are highly local and, in some cases, one city's markets, or even one particular market or restaurant, can become famous for a particular type of food. Sichuan Xiaochi are one the most famous Xiaochi in China.Notable Dishes for Sichuan Xiaochi includes: Dan Dan Noodles, Zhong Crescent Dumplings, Sweet Noodles and etc.