Sichuan Mala Beef Jerky

Sichuan Mala Beef Jerky

Sichuan Mala Beef Jerky is a food with strong taste and fragrance. This recipe doesn't add any MSG or food additive but has lots of umami.


Preparation Time: 30 min

Cooking Time: 1 hour

Food Materials:

1. Beef Tenderloin 500g

2. Braised Broth 3kg (Water, Star Anise, Kaempoferia, 白蔻 Kennel, 甘草 White Peppers, Ginger, Scallion White, Rice Wine, Salt)

3. Vegetable Oil 100g

4. Sugar 10g

5. Dried Chili 20g

6. White Sesame 30g

7. Green Sichuan Peppercorn Powder 10g

8. Chili Oil 50g


1. Soak the beef with water for 20 min and then put into a pot of boiling water for 1 min; Get the beef out and wash the beef with water;

2. Heat the white braised broth in a pot and add the beef into the pot after the broth is boiled. Braised the beef with high heat for 30 min till it's fully cooked. 

3. Get the beef out and cut it into slices after it's cool down;

4. Put Vegetable Oil in a wok with low heat and fry the beef slices till it's crispy and get the beef slices out into a plate

5. Put vegetable oil in a wok and add dried chili to stir fry till the aroma comes out, then add a cup of white braised broth into the wok and put the beef slices into the work till the broth is dry;

6. Turn off the heat and add white sesame, dried crushed chili, green peppercorn powder, chili oil into the work and fully mixed with beef slices. It's ready to serve


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