Shrimp Wonton with Beef Belly | 虾肉抄手牛腩

Wonton in red chili sauce makes a delicious and impressive appetizer. The most common and popular wonton dish in China is Sichuan Wontons in Chili Oil Sauce (Hong You Chao Shou). Hong You means “spicy red chili oil” and Chao Shou means “crossed hands” or “arms folded.” This dish is Cho Shou Shrimp Wonton with beef belly, it is combined shrimp wonton in chili oil and braised beef belly. The tender shrimp and chewy beef belly are perfect with Spicy Element Mala Pot Sauce. The great thing about making this dish by yourself is you can control the level of spicy. If you like spicy, you can add more spicy chili sauce.

Ingredient: Beef Belly, Shrimp wontow, Spicy Element Mala Pot Sauce, Rice cooking wine, onion, salt, ginger, oil.


  1. The beef belly cut into pieces with water boil and remove from hot water set aside.
  2. Add water in the pot and add Spicy Element Mala Pot sauce and cook beef belly with low heat until well done and set aside on the bowl.
  3. Cook shrimp wonton until pink and remove from hot water and put into a bowl with beef belly, and ready to serve.


  1. Cook beef belly with low heat
  2. Never boil wonton for long time.
  3. Spicy Element Mala Hot Sauce is key ingredient to enhance flavor.

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