Chitterlings and Chicken Drumsticks with Orange Peel | 橙皮肥肠爆鸡腿



This creative recipe uses Spicy Element Mala Pot Sauce as the spicy base and use fresh orange peel and tangerine peel powder to highlight orange flavor. After that, adding green peppercorn sauce and vine Sichuan peppercorn oil to highlight sesame flavor. Fresh Chaotianjiao dried chili and Mantianxing dried chili to stress chili spicy flavor. Those orange, sesame, and spicy flavor add layer of flavor for this creative cuisine, the flavor is very unforgettable.


  1. Chitterlings 250g;
  2. Chicken drumsticks cutting strips 100g;
  3. Orange peel 50g;
  4. Chaotianjiao dried chili 30g;
  5. Spicy Element Mala Pot sauce 20g;
  6. Tangerine peel powder 5g;
  7. Salt 2g;
  8. Green Sichuan peppercorn sauce 3g;
  9. Vegetable oil 500g;
  10. Oyster sauce 8g;
  11. Rice wine 10g;
  12. Mantianxing dried chili 8g;
  13. Vine Sichuan peppercorn oil 5g;
  14. Ginger and garlic 3g 


  1. Stew chitterlings in base gravy with lower heat for 1 hour and soak in base gravy for half hour, and cut into strip;
  2. Stewing chicken drumsticks into base gravy with lower heat for half hour and cutting chicken leg into strips and set aside;
  3. Clean fresh orange peel and cut into stips;
  4. Clean Chaotianjiao dried chili and get rid of the seed and set aside;
  5. Add oil and fry chitterlings and chicken drumsticks strips until golden brown color and use a strainer to take them out to drain excess grease;
  6. Add ginger and garlic, orange peel, Mantianxing dried chili pepper, Spicy Element Mala Pot sauce, chitterlings, chicken drumsticks strips, green peppercorn sauce and Chaotianjiao dried chili to cook until aromatic, and the last step is to pour vine Sichuan peppercorn oil, ready to serve.

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