Brown Braised Chicken - Chinese Style | 黄焖鸡

Brown Braised Chicken (黄焖鸡) is a very popular dish in China recently.  The major reason for its popularity are as follows: 1. It takes relatively short time to prepare and cook using pressure cooker; 2. The base taste is acceptable for almost everyone while extra spices could be added as you prefer; 3. Due to its 2 reasons above, many restaurants in China are centered its menu on the dish. There are even franchised stores operated similar to fast-food chain such as KFC.


Preparation Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 8 - 10 minutes


1. Chicken (bone or boneless) - 400g

2. Mushroom - 100g

3. Scallion (white part) - 20g

4. Cilantro - 10g

5. Braised Chicken Sauce - 50g

6. Chinese Rice Wine - 10g



1. Chop the chicken into 2cm cubes;

2. Mix the Braised Chicken Sauce (50g) with 200g water and put in a pressure cooker;

3. Add Chicken cubes, Mushroom, Scallion piece and Chinese rice wine into the pressure cooker;

4. Turn on the high heat on the pressure cooker and turn off the heat 8-10 minutes after the steam comes out of pressure cookerr;

5. Wait about 30 min before openning the pressure cooker;

6.  Get the chicken cubes out into a bowl and put Cilantro pieces on top.


1. Recommend fresh Shiitake mushroom for its special aroma. Replace it with other mushroom if you may not like it;

2. If you do not use pressure cooker, the cooking time may last for 30 min - 45 min depending on how long to fully cook the chicken 


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