Beef Tendon Pasta | 翡翠杂酱意大面

Have you tried Mapo Tofu Sauce combined with pasta? This creative recipe is combined Western style and Asian style dishes and based on Mapo Tofu Sauce, beef and pasta. We use Spicy Element Mapo Tofu Sauce to enhance the flavor of the meal, and add beef tendon and pasta together, put lettuce on the bottom to highlight the Sichuan cuisine flavor.


  1. Beef tendon 200g
  2. Pasta 200g
  3. Potato 100g
  4. Green pepper 50g
  5. Lettuce 50g
  6. Salt 5g
  7. Vegetable Oil 100g
  8. Ginger 3 slices
  9. Garlic 3 pieces
  10. Cooking Wine 10g
  11. Spicy Element Mapo Tofu Sauce 30g


  1. Cut beef tendon into diced after stewing;
  2. Cut potato into cubes set aside;
  3. Slice green pepper and put aside;
  4. Add oil into wok and add ginger and garlic until aromatic. Put beef tendon dices and peanut until crispy, after then add Spicy Element Mapo Tofu Sauce and add green pepper to cook until aromatic and set aside;
  5. After boiling pasta and lettuce, remove from pot and drain the water, and put into the dish and add our unique Mapo Tofu Sauce, beef tendon, and green pepper.

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